AidNet  is a non-governmental,  not for profit making organisation  which was  established and registered in Zanzibar .The general aim of the organisation is to give a caring hand to the starvation and suffering of  the poorest people in the rural and urban areas by facilitating the  utilisation of the resources set aside for development projects by N.G.O  communities, international organisations, individuals and local  companies as additional resources to support Government, Local communities, and Local NGO development initiatives identified by local  communities at grass root level.
AidNet  assists in :-
Pre-proposal Meetings and priority identification
: Proposal write up to meet donor and Partner guidelines
: Submission of proposal to Donor/Partners
: Projects Management and Supervision
: Project evaluation
: Preparation and Submition of project reports to meet Donors/Partners Requirements         and deadlines.
AidNet establishes relationship with  Government departments, Institutions, Authorities and Local communities  so as to ensure the full participation of all Actors in the Projects  implementation process and Evaluation. The focus is on small to medium  sized sustainable projects, identified at local level. AidNet is committed on facilitating the process of supporting short and long term  development projects that benefit the whole community.

The following are  priority areas as per our NGO objectives:-

  : Training and Capacity Building : Primary Health Care
: Water and Sanitation
: H.I.V/AIDS awareness and support
: Gender equity and the position of Woman in society
  : Environmental protection
: Agriculture and Fishing development
: Upgrade the standard of Education
  : Human rights and Democracy

Aid Net area of concentration for the time being is Unguja and Pemba Island.
AidNet  needs partners who will have  the opportunity to be involved in our successful programmes in this part  of Tanzania .