Organisation of Aid Net
Aid Net  is a NGO whose Board of Directors; are legally  responsible for all the organisations activities under the Companies Acts. Aid Net is  incorporated as a registered limited company and must comply with the requirements of the Companies Act.
Aid Net structure
Board of Directors
Aid Net Board of Directors, is the governing body  of Aid Net, and  meets approximately four times a year.       Directors, who are all unpaid volunteers, are responsible in law for everything Aid Net does. These responsibilities are:
. to ensure that Aid Net abides by its charitable aims and constitution,
and operates within the law;
. to be ultimately accountable for the overall management  of Aid Net;
. to ensure that income and assets are used to help  Aid Net beneficiaries.
. its finances are properly  and effectively managed and monitored;
. to set policy and objectives, and to ensure the monitoring of their
implementation and evaluation of the results
There are  5 Boards members. Board members serve on Board for one year with the possibility of a second consecutive one year term of office.
Accountability Mechanisms
Two regular  mechanisms which support this accountability are:
. Annual general meeting
. Project steering committee
Annual general meeting
The aim of the AGM is to strengthen Aid Net  accountability by facilitating informed debate and exchange of  views on issues of strategic or corporate importance between  different stakeholders. Meet to debate and discuss key  issues. The AGM has no decision-making powers, but  enables decision-makers to hear a wider range of views on  policy issues.
Project steering committees

Project steering committees gathers all information and reports from projects so as to Determine the implementation performance, impact the projects and accountabilities of project personnel.
There are current 6 Aid Net staff in Zanzibar, in roles throughout the organisation.
The Director
The Director of Aid Net is the Chief Executive of the Organisation. He is responsible to the Board of  Directors for the management of Aid Net. Reporting to him are the     four Deputy Directors, each  responsible for one of the four Directorate.
The Community Development Directorate is responsible for  fundraising, communications, campaigns, and work to raise  awareness of development issues in formal education in Zanzibar, and for Aid Net work in Zanzibar.
The Development SectionDirectorate is responsible  for policies on AidNet relief, development programme Poverty Programme and for research, lobbying, and publications about the causes and relief of   poverty.
The Finance and Information Systems  Directorate is responsible for organisation-wide finance  and information systems matters, such as standards, systems, and reporting.
Mission Statement
To actively be a party of process to elleviating communities suffering and empower them to be able to sustain their development initiative so as to make the world a better place to live.
The Corporate Human Resources  Directorate leads work with Human Resources teams in all  Directorate on delivering Aid Net strategies. CHRD has     specific responsibilities for employee relations, compensation and benefits, human resources management information, and  corporate learning and development.
Aid Net's  Culture
Reflect commitment ot overcoming the injustice of poverty and suffering. We seek to be:
. Making a difference
. Innovative
. Collaborate
. Accountable
. Cost-effective